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CFS Volunteers Stand Ready to Respond


Thousands of SA Country Fire Service volunteers across South Australia are standing ready to respond in support of State Emergency Service colleagues as the predicted storm activity begins to impact.

The CFS provides extensive support in storm events, with jobs including: response to fallen trees, localised flooding, while still attending to vehicle accidents and house fires.

State Coordinator Phil McDonough says CFS volunteers are multi-skilled and highly trained.

"We are more than a bushfire service so the commitment from the volunteers continues all year round and as we have seen the last couple of months there has been little respite," he says.

"Our response systems are well developed and with 14,000 volunteers across the state, we will certainly be providing a significant contribution to the response in support of the SES.

"As we would for a bushfire event we can assemble volunteer teams to focus on specific areas and jobs."

Along with the volunteer commitment Mr McDonough says CFS staff members will also be providing support to the SES and CFS volunteers.

"We have activated the CFS state and regional coordination centres which will run 24 hours a day until no longer required," he says.

"One of the main functions will be to provide coordination and logistical support to the thousands of CFS volunteers likely to be responded."











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