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CFS urging caution with machine operation in upcoming conditions


Fire danger conditions across South Australia are forecast to intensify on Wednesday and the Country Fire Service (CFS) is cautioning the community about the use of machinery which could potentially start a blaze.

In the last two months the CFS has attended 15 fires caused by machinery sparking a fire.

State Coordinator Leigh Miller says it is vital the community maintains vigilance and awareness on days of increased fire danger.

"We have developed a Code of Practice which covers the use of machinery and welding which we ask the community to be aware of.

"Using any metal cutting tools and welders in the open is not permitted on days declared as a Total Fire Ban.

"If the work can be postponed or reprogrammed, then it should be. Where the activity cannot be delayed or is for emergency purposes, then a permit is required from the Local Council.

"One spark from a welder can potentially start a blaze so if you do need to conduct these activities consider the related risks of fire and consult the Code of Practice."

Mr Miller says Wednesday morning is not going to be favourable for firefighters.

"We are expecting strong wind conditions and if a fire breaks out it may be difficult to contain. It is vital the community is on high alert.

"Total Fire Bans are declared the day before the ban and are based on a range of factors and conditions determined by the Weather Bureau.

"On days of increased fire risk we ask the community to have their bushfire survival plan ready to implement and ensure everyone within the home is aware of the plan.

"A range of restrictions on Total Fire Ban days will be in place and these can all be found on our website:"

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