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CFS urges campfire caution over Easter break & school holidays


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is urging the public to familiarise themselves with restrictions around campfires ahead of the Easter long weekend and school holidays.

Despite recent cool weather, rules of the fire danger season still apply and for much of the state this will continue until 30 April 2022. This means that campfires are banned in many National Parks and Forestry reserves unless people have a permit.

CFS State Duty Commander, Brett Loughlin said campfires can often cause damaging fires.

"It might be cooler in the evenings so it's tempting to want to light a fire but it's important people check the fire danger rating and campfire regulations before they start a fire"," Assistant Chief Officer Loughlin said.

"People should check the Fire Danger Rating for each day and, if there is a Total Fire Ban, no campfires can be lit."

If there are no Total Fire Bans in place a campfire may be permitted, providing:

  • It is in a properly constructed fireplace; or
  • It is in a portable cooking appliance; or
  • The fire is in a 30cm deep trench and no more than one metre square in area; and
  • You have a four-metre cleared space around and above the fire; and
  • A responsible person is monitoring the fire all times; and
  • An adequate agent to extinguish the fire is at hand.

"Campers should be bushfire smart when spending time outdoors during the fire danger season. Make sure you fully extinguish the fire before you leave the area."

"Remember that generators can emit sparks which could go unnoticed and start a fire so make sure you have a four-metre space around them and extinguishing tools nearby to put a fire out should it start."

"Campsites are often off the beaten track where there is little shelter from bushfires. It is important that people camping have alternative exit routes from their campsite and access to a portable radio so they can check the latest information in the event of a fire nearby."

For more information on outdoor recreational fire safety visit the CFS website at

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