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Dangerous fire day across SA today


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is warning the community to remain vigilant today, during what is forecast to be a significant fire danger day across South Australia.

With the Bureau of Meteorology predicting temperatures in the high 30s across some areas of the state coupled with strong northerly winds, the risk of fire danger is considerable.

CFS State Coordinator Leigh Miller says the public should be aware of weather conditions and be mindful of the activities they carry out today.

"We are urging the public to delay any activities that could start a fire, and consider undertaking these when weather conditions are milder" the CFS State Coordinator said.

As the official Fire Danger Season is yet to begin official permits are not required to burn off today, however people should check with their local council prior to burning off and ensure they are compliant with any Environmental Protection Authority restrictions that may apply in their area.

"While people are doing the right thing by burning-off on their property to reduce bushfire fuel loads ahead of the Fire Danger Season, today is not the best day to undertake this work," Mr Miller said.

"Rather, it is an ideal time for people to prepare their Bushfire Survival Plan if they have not already done so."

The forecast conditions today indicate a precarious day for burning, with winds speeds averaging 55km/h across South Australia.

"The CFS is well prepared for what is set to be a potentially very dangerous day, with hot, dry and windy conditions forecast state-wide," Mr Miller said.

"We ask the public to support us by refraining from engaging in risky activities today, during what are set to be hazardous fire conditions."

For more information about preparing your property ahead of the Fire Danger Season, visit the CFS website on

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