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Easter end to FDS in two districts


The CFS is reminding South Australians that the first of the Fire Ban Districts will end their Fire Danger Season on Sunday (31 March).

The North East Pastoral and North West Pastoral Fire Ban Districts will no longer be subject to fire restrictions from April 1 but will continue to apply to the State's 13 other Fire Ban Districts.

The CFS is urging private landowners in these two districts who are planning to conduct burn-off activities from Monday, to be vigilant and mindful of the conditions.

CFS Prevention Services Manager, Leigh Miller, said the end of the Fire Danger Season is traditionally the time when burn-offs are conducted.

"If you are planning burning-off activities you must ensure the fire does not get out of control and potentially threaten lives and property," Mr Miller said.

"Many areas around the State have not received a significant amount of rain and the ground may still be dry where a fire will burn very quickly and could easily get out of control," he said.

"Any burning-off around homes or on properties should be done in suitable weather conditions to help reduce the risk of the burn-off spreading out of control."

The CFS also has a "Burning Off" fact sheet on its website by clicking on the "Prepare for bushfire" and "Reference" drop-down-menus.

"Local residents should contact their council for advice on burning-off outside of the Fire Danger Season," Mr Miller said.

On days of a Total Fire Ban being declared outside the Fire Danger Season, permits are required and may be obtained from local councils.

"Although the Fire Danger Season will conclude in some areas, it does not mean that the fire risk is over as was demonstrated recently when the CFS Chief Officer Greg Nettleton extended the Fire Danger Season in three districts by an another two weeks," Mr Miller said.

For information on South Australia's fire season dates for its 15 Fire Ban Districts, visit the CFS website at or contact the Bushfire Hotline on 1300 362 361.

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