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Bangor and Billiatt blazes ongoing


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) continues firefighting operations at Bangor in the Southern Flinders Ranges and at Billiatt in the Riverland.

Back-burning was undertaken overnight at both fires to consolidate control lines while weather conditions were favourable.

At the Bangor fire, a successful back-burn was completed near the Pipeline Track between Nelshaby and Napperby to widen control lines on the south-western flank.

The fire continues to burn through scrub within inaccessible terrain, making access problematic for firefighters as they actively patrol the perimeter of the fire.

The south-western flank continues to exit into the coastal plains, and crews are actively working to hold the fire in this section, while other crews attend to the eastern and south-eastern flank to ensure the fire has not escaped.

The Billiatt fire has seen an increase in fire activity burning through unburnt islands of Mallee, which is generating significant amounts of smoke.

While the fire is presently burning within control lines, there is a risk of embers spotting over the control line on the eastern and southern boundaries with the deteriorating weather conditions expected tomorrow.

Crews will continue to strengthen control lines and patrol the fire perimeter to manage flare ups as they occur.

As the weather conditions worsen over the coming days the fire behaviour on the Bangor and Billiatt firegrounds will intensify, posing additional challenges for firefighters.

While crews continue to work hard to control the fire, the community is advised to remain alert and aware to the conditions as they are continually changing.

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