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Fight against Bangor fire continues


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) continues firefighting operations at Bangor in the Southern Flinders Ranges for the thirteenth consecutive day.

As the fireground began to dry out from the light rain experienced the previous day, the fire activity began to increase.

In the early hours of the morning, gully winds fanned the fire into inaccessible terrain on the western side pushing it towards the Pipeline Track, yet crews were quickly on scene to ensure the fire remained within control lines.

There are still locations throughout the fireground where hotspots remain and the fire continues to burn freely.

Additional crews have been brought in to relieve the crews that have been working hard from the early hours of this morning to control the flare up that occurred.

This afternoon, the south-western flank exited the hills and entered the coastal plains in some areas but the favourable weather conditions enabled firefighters to hold the fire.

For the remainder of the day, crews will relentlessly continue strengthening the many kilometres of control lines with support from aerial operations that will use retardant to reinforce control lines and help hold the fire.

Terrain and access to where the fire is burning continues to be problematic for crews.

The weather over the next few days is expected to get warmer, with temperatures in the Flinders district set to climb into high forties and wind conditions bring early northerlies and southerlies in the evening.

While crews continue to focus on securing the fire's permitter, the community is advised to remain alert and aware to the conditions as they are continually changing.

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