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Don't burn during fire ban without a permit


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is asking private landholders who are conducting burn-offs tomorrow to ensure they obtain the relevant permit if burning in one of the 4 fire-ban districts where Total Fire Bans have been declared.

For anyone who has undertaken burning-off activities today, the fire must be fully extinguished by midnight tonight if they have not obtained the appropriate permit.

CFS State Coordinator Malim Watts says while landholders are doing the right thing by reducing fuel loads on their properties, they cannot burn without a permit if a Total Fire Ban has been declared for their fire ban district.

"We have had some rain over the last week, so it may come as a surprise to some that there will be Total Fire Bans in place tomorrow across parts of the State," CFS State Coordinator Watts said.

"If you are planning on burning tomorrow and a Total Fire Ban has been declared in your fire ban district, then a Schedule 10 Permit must be sought from your local council.

"You must also ensure the appropriate emergency service is notified of your intent to burn by contacting either Adelaide Fire (MFS) or the CFS."

For those who have burned today and do not have a permit to continue the burn tomorrow, they must ensure the fire is completely extinguished.

"Fires can smoulder and reignite with a bit of wind, so it is critical that fires are put out properly to eliminate the risk of a rekindling," Mr Watts said.

Due to forecast wind conditions tomorrow, landholders burning in areas where Total Fire Bans have not been declared are also urged to be vigilant to ensure the fire does not escape.

"If burning, the fire must be monitored at all times as windy conditions can increase the chance of the fire spreading," the CFS State Coordinator said.

For more information on Total Fire Bans for South Australia's 15 Fire Ban Districts, visit the CFS website at

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