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CFS warns of burn-offs getting away


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is asking private landholders who are conducting burn-offs to exercise caution, following two burn-offs that got away today in the Mount Lofty Ranges.

CFS State Coordinator Yvette Dowling says while landholders are doing the right thing by reducing fuel loads on their properties, it is essential that the appropriate precautions are in place should the burn-off get away.

"The Fire Danger Season begins in the Mount Lofty Ranges as of midnight this Sunday, so we understand that people want to reduce fuel loads around their properties before the restrictions come into effect," CFS State Coordinator Dowling said.

"Fires can escape quickly and we are asking that people be mindful of this, particularly with the warmer weather conditions that will be experienced over the coming days."

To burn safely, people must ensure they have a four metre fire break.

They should also have a fully operational knapsack, fire extinguisher or a hose connected to a water source so they can extinguish the fire, should it escape.

State Coordinator Dowling advises that if burning, it is important that the fire is monitored at all times.

"People must be present while the fire is burning until it is completely extinguished," State Coordinator Dowling said.

"If the fire does escape and it cannot be extinguished, call triple zero immediately."

For more information on South Australia's 15 Fire Ban Districts, visit the CFS website at

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