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CFS continues its battle against Bangor fire


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) continues battling the fire at Bangor, which has been burning in the southern Flinders Ranges for almost two weeks.

The minimal rainfall experienced yesterday on the fireground has had a short term effect on the fire, only momentarily halting its rate of spread.

However, the fire still poses a risk as vegetation dampened from the rain dries out, with numerous burning trees and stumps expected to reignite unburnt fine fuels.

Minimal fire activity was observed this morning, however with the warmer conditions this afternoon there has been an increase in isolated pockets of fire burning within control lines.

Current conditions indicate the fire will continue to burn with a slow rate of spread towards Pipeline Track to the west, and in the native scrub to the south with temperatures and wind strengths set to increase over the coming days.

The main areas of concern include the south-western and south-eastern flanks of the fire.

The south-western flank is problematic due to its proximity to the township of Napperby, and the effects of local gully winds that have been pushing the fire out of the hills and down onto the coastal plain where it can directly threaten the Napperby and Nelshaby townships.

The south-eastern flank is of critical concern as if the fire should escape to the east, it will introduce fire to the Beetaloo Catchment Area which has the potential to put the communities of Laura, Wirrabara, and Stone Hut under threat.

A significant problem affecting the firefighting effort is the inaccessibility of the terrain where the fire is burning, the type of vegetation that is burning and the continually changing weather conditions.

A number of fall back lines have been identified along the southern fire edge since the firefighting operations began 11 days ago, and extensive work has been undertaken to strengthen control lines in an attempt to hold the fire at these points.

While crews continue to focus on securing the fire?s perimeter, the community is advised to remain alert and aware to the conditions as they are continually changing.

Stay informed by visiting the CFS website at listening for updates from our media partners and checking CFS social media sites for further information.

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