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The Country Fire Service (CFS) is asking South Australians to consider the state's firefighters while preparing to celebrate Christmas.

CFS State Coordinator Yvette Dowling said that any outdoor activities such as barbeques and camp fires that could start a fire will require a higher level of attention and vigilance tomorrow.

"With temperatures expected to peak around the mid-thirties across most of the state and the likelihood of fires bans in some districts, we're advising people to take extra precautions to ensure they don't inadvertently cause a fire," she said.

"A combination of hot weather and outdoor activities including the use of barbeques and general appliances that can easily ignite a fire such as angle grinders and welders, all require extra care and attention."

On days when Total Fire Bans are declared in South Australia's Fire Ban Districts, the lighting of fires in open areas is banned, with some exemptions made through a Schedule 10 permit.

"Webber-style solid fuel barbeques and camp fires are also banned on Total Fire Ban days," Ms Dowling said.

Gas or electric barbeques can be used on days declared Total Fire Ban but they must be within 15 metres of a house or a coastal foreshore.

"I encourage all South Australians to consider their personal safety during the festive season and ultimately help the CFS to reduce the risk of fires," Ms Dowling said.

For more information on Fire Bans and permit requirements, visit the CFS website or contact the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

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