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The Fire Danger Season will begin in five more Fire Ban Districts tomorrow.

From midnight tonight, fire restrictions will apply to the Mid North, Murraylands, Riverland, Upper South East and Yorke Peninsula.

CFS State Coordinator Brenton Eden is encouraging all people who live, work or may travel to a bushfire risk area to know they are at risk and to have a plan.

"Although there will still be four more Fire Ban Districts yet to start their Fire Danger Season, this doesn't mean that people living in these areas should be complacent about bushfires," Mr Eden said.

"Every South Australian lives in a Fire Ban District that will have restrictions when they all come into the Fire Danger Season by the end of this month, on different dates depending on their location," he said.

For the remaining districts, the Fire Danger Season for the Lower South East will start on November 22 and on December 1 for Adelaide Metropolitan, Kangaroo Island and Mount Lofty Ranges.

"Recent fires at Aldgate and in the Southern Flinders Ranges has demonstrated just how unpredictable they can be and underlines the importance of knowing what do when confronted by a bushfire," Mr Eden said

When fires do occur, the CFS can issue information and warning messages in one of the following three categories:

Advice – A fire has started but poses no immediate danger,

Watch and Act - A fire is approaching a designated area in changing conditions and action must be taken to protect life.

Emergency Warning – There is a threat and danger in a specified area which will be impacted by fire. When this level of warning is broadcast on radio it will always be preceded by the Standard Emergency Warning Signal (SEWS).

The CFS website has information to help residents assess their household's risk and to develop a Bushfire Survival Plan.

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