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130 CFS and DEWNR firefighters supported by 125 farm fire units have successfully completed a 7km backburn overnight on the eastern flank of the fire to the west of Laura, between Wurst and Quarry Roads.

This tactic was undertaken following a number of spot fires that occurred on the eastern perimeter that caused concern as the fire moved easterly towards the Laura township.

Having already used heavy plant equipment to join the fire breaks between the scrubland and the townships yesterday, the backburn has further strengthened the control line on the eastern flank.

Firefighters are managing to hold the fire on the eastern flank, with an inspection of the southern perimeter taking place this morning to assess if control lines along the Beetaloo sector will hold when the northerly wind comes through.

The Napperby sector to the west of the fire will also be evaluated to assess the possibility of a break-out.

Firefighters will today concentrate their efforts on protecting Laura as the fire continues moving in an easterly direction, approximately 4.5 kilometres from the township.

Wind continues to be erratic across the fireground varying in strength and direction, which will pose challenges for firefighters.

Smoke emanating from the fireground is causing poor visibility and is currently affecting Highway One, Napperby, Warnertown, Neshalby and is visible around Port Pirie.

Smoke will continue to be present in these areas and the community is asked to remain vigilant and take care when on the roads.

People with respiratory and cardiac problems are advised to stay inside and close all doors and windows until the smoke has passed.

The public is advised to continue to monitor the situation through the CFS website, social media pages and media updates, as it is continually changing.

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