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The Country Fire Service (CFS) is encouraging everyone to stay informed and stay in touch this bushfire season using multiple sources of information.

CFS Manager of Information Operations Fiona Dunstan said it is critical that people do not rely on just one source of information during emergencies.

"The commencement of the Fire Danger Season is a timely reminder for people to consider other alternatives for receiving information about a fire in their local area," Mrs Dunstan said.

"Power can be disconnected during a bushfire which is why the CFS recommends that people have a battery powered radio to stay informed by local emergency broadcasters."

The CFS also recognises that the way the community uses technology has changed.

"The increased demand for immediate incident information has seen a growth in new and emerging media such as Facebook and Twitter sites, and the CFS FireApp," Mrs Dunstan said.

"During bushfire emergencies the CFS website continues to attract the highest number of visits, making it the most utilised government website for obtaining up to date incident information."

As the community is reviewing their Bushfire Survival Plans for the Fire Danger Season, the CFS is urging the community to familiarise themselves with other ways of receiving information.

"Bushfire planning should include monitoring local emergency broadcast radio stations such as local ABC Radio and FIVEaa or signing-on to CFS social media sites, registering for RSS feeds, or subscribing for email notifications through the CFS website," Mrs Dunstan said.

"People shouldn't underestimate the value of using their own instincts and senses which may offer them the best warning to alert them to a threatening bushfire," she said.

"We encourage people to use more than just one source to access bushfire information during this Fire Danger Season".

For a comprehensive list of emergency broadcast radio stations visit the CFS website at or contact the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.

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