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Listening to radio could save your life


The Country Fire Service (CFS) is advising South Australians to consider monitoring their local radio station as a key part of their bushfire safety plans leading up to the Fire Danger Season.

A battery-operated AM/FM radio is listed among the seven key elements to bushfire survival in the "Guide to bushfire safety" which is available on the CFS website explaining in more detail why it is an essential part of a Bushfire Survival Plan.

CFS Manager of Community Education and Public Warnings Fiona Dunstan said fire can threaten suddenly and without warning which is why having a plan will prepare you to act more promptly and effectively.

"The CFS will provide as much information as possible about a bushfire to help people make informed decisions and this is generated through various sources, including radio, television, the internet and social media," she said.

"We recommend that people don't rely on a single source of information however we do suggest that a portable battery-operated radio should be considered as a very reliable means of accessing bushfire warning messages."

ABC Local Radio and FIVEaa in addition to commercial radio stations across South Australia have agreements with the CFS to broadcast bushfire emergency and warning messages.

A battery-powered radio is recommended by the CFS because many electricity feeders run through high bushfire risk areas and there is a very real chance that in dangerous bushfire conditions mains-fed electricity supply may be lost due to a range of causes. This includes damage from a bushfire, or the rare times that power is turned off by SA Power Networks to try to prevent a fire start.

"Preparation is the key to surviving a bushfire and having a Bushfire Survival Plan is an effective tool to achieve this by reminding people to stay informed through radio, the CFS website or social media, especially when conditions are prone to bushfires," Ms Dunstan said.

For more information about Bushfire Survival Plans and emergency broadcast radio station frequencies throughout South Australia, visit the CFS website at and click the Prepare Act Survive link on the Home page.

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