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The Country Fire Service (CFS) has worked through the night battling multiple bushfires sweeping the state, and continues to manage the situation.

Supported by other emergency services, the CFS is still combating the fire near the township of Tulka about 11.4 kilometres south from Port Lincoln which continues to burn out of control.

Currently, the fire has burnt over 2000 hectares since it was reported yesterday at 11.45am. Updated damage estimates include seven dwellings, 12 sheds and four vehicles which have been destroyed. Additional losses will be confirmed once fire investigators and police arrive on the scene.

The CFS advises people in and around the Port Lincoln area that large amounts of smoke are visible due to strong south westerly winds that are blowing smoke in a north easterly direction, towards Port Lincoln.

The CFS is battling a fire in Humbug Scrub that is burning in a northerly direction in heavily timbered forest area near Bassnet Road. Steep terrain is hampering fire-fighter efforts and CFS crews will be using bulldozers to support their activities at first light. 150 CFS personnel with 14 tankers are attending the scene, and 110 hectares of forest has been burnt.

CFS crews are attending a fire near Mambray Creek in the Southern Flinders Ranges near 5AU road, Augusta Highway and Spencer Road. The and north, west and southern sides of the fire are contained, but the fire burning on the eastern flank is burning freely in sand dune terrain.

Ground crews are conducting back burning operations and are using bulldozers to create a break, in an attempt to secure the perimeter and establish a point of access for crews.

Trees on the eastern flank located within burnt ground are posing issues with alighting near unburnt wood and trees situated near the fire's edge. Due to the inaccessibility of the terrain, dry fire fire fighting techniques are being used.

The CFS is currently monitoring a fire near Quorn burning within the Dutchmen's Pass Conservation Park, which is an inaccessible area. CFS crews will evaluate strategies in the morning.

The CFS advises the Kallora fire that continues to burn in the lower mid-north approximately seven kilometres from Avon is now controlled.

Losses from the incident include a tractor, a crop which included a 70 hectare barley crop, 250 bales of hay and fencing, with damage estimated at $152,000.

The CFS advises that the threat posed by the Calca fire near Calpatanna Conservation Park on the West Coast has reduced, and the fire is now contained and crews are in the process of mopping up.

CFS State Coordinator Mark Thomason says the milder weather conditions that have come in over night have eased conditions.

"South westerly winds, lower temperatures and higher humidity have altered fire behaviour, allowing fire fighters to bring many of the fires under control.

"Fire fighters have been working throughout the night, using these cooler conditions to manage the fires."

People in the area are advised to follow their Bushfire Survival Plan and monitor local conditions.

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