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CFS crews to support Tassie fire effort


About 70 SA Country Fire Service (CFS) personnel and 16 vehicles are being sent to Tasmania early next week in response to a request today. (note February 13).

The Tasmanian Fire Service (TFS) this afternoon requested support from interstate fire services to provide relief to its crews, which have been battling about 50 bushfires across that State for more than a month.

CFS Chief Officer Greg Nettleton said CFS resources would most likely be deployed to bushfires in the north west of Tasmania.

"We are aiming to have firefighters and appliances on the firegrounds by Wednesday," he said.

"Our deployment, and similar contingents from the Victorian Country Fire Authority and the New South Wales Rural Fire Service, will provide much needed relief for the Tasmanian firefighters who have had an enormous challenge on their hands over a long period of time.

"We work in a spirit of national cooperation and are pleased to be able to help the TFS in this time of need. "

CFS State headquarters and regional offices are now working to source volunteers from across the State for firefighting and to transport the vehicles.

Drivers will take the CFS vehicles to Tasmania via road and the ferry across Bass Strait and have them ready for the firefighters, who will travel on commercial flights.

The CFS is sending two heavy strike teams, with five appliances in each team. The appliances are four wheel drive vehicles that can carry 3000 litres of water and each will be crewed by five volunteers. Senior CFS leaders and command and logistics vehicles are also being sent to Tasmania.











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