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Community may need to reconsider Christmas outdoor cooking plans



The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) is advising households across South Australia may need alternative outdoor cooking plans this Christmas Day if a Total Fire Ban is declared.

During a Total Fire Ban an electric or gas barbeque is permitted provided it adheres to guidelines but outdoor solid fuel cookers such as a: Weber, brazier, pizza oven or rotisserie spit is NOT permitted to be used unless a schedule 10 permit has been acquired from the Local Council.

CFS State Coordinator Brenton Eden says people should have an alternative plan if they are unable to get a permit.

"Electric or gas barbeques can be used provided precautions are taken such as being within 15 metres of a domestic premises or a coastal foreshore," he said.

"The area needs to be clear of flammable material within four metres, there needs to be a person present at all times and an appropriate extinguisher on hand."

Local Government can issue a permit in anticipation of a Total Fire Ban being declared.

"To attain a permit people need to contact their Local Government but bear in mind many Council offices may be short staffed leading up to Christmas so it may not be possible to process," he said.

"Having a gas or electric cooking alternative will ensure cooking plans can go head and it is important to check the CFS website or social media channels by 5pm to know what ban will be in place the following day.

"If a Total Fire Ban is not in place for your Fire Ban District a solid fuel cooker can be used provided Fire Danger Season precautions are adhered."

A comprehensive list on what you can and can't do on a Total Fire Ban can be found here:











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