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CFS applauds support from all involved to control Buckland Park mulch fire



After four days of battling unseasonal heat, rain, cold and strong, variable winds, the CFS has been able to control the Buckland Park mulch fire and hand the management of the land back to Jeffries Soils.

CFS volunteer firefighters from across the state had been at the mulch fire on McEvoy Road since Wednesday afternoon.

The fire, believed to have been started from spontaneous combustion, burned through 2,000 cubic metres of mulch.

Losses to Jeffries Soils include $150,000 in burnt mulch and damage to a portable processing plant.

Firefighters were able to stop the fire from spreading to the remaining $6.1 million of mulch, plus other plant machinery.

"The collaborative approach from all parties, including the MFS, Jeffries Soils' management, CFS volunteers from regions from around the state, St John ambulance, SES and the Salvation Army made the operation seamless," Region 2 acting Regional Commander Ann Letcher said.

"At times we had more than 100 CFS and 100 MFS firefighters working in teams to control the area, supported by SES volunteers, all being fed by the Salvos," she added.

Firefighters worked with Jeffries Soils staff to extinguish the unusual fire, which at times burned up to 1m below the surface of the mulch piles.

A reduced threat message was issued by the CFS at 4:47pm on Sunday afternoon stating the area may still be prone to smoke from the site as some piles continue to smoulder, and residents with respiratory problems should take the necessary precautions to limit their exposure to the smoke if it drifts in their direction.











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