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CFS appeal to farmers to check fire units


As the sun scorched landscape continues to dry across South Australia the CFS is asking farmers to check fire units to ensure they are ready for the Fire Danger Season ahead.

Many farmers across South Australia have vehicles equipped to respond to fire and can be essential to limit the impact and damage to property.

Regional Operations Planning Officer Sindy McCourt said checking the equipment is critical to avoid failure during a response.

"Much of the gear in the farm fire units may not have been used for several months so it's essential it is checked and working," Ms McCourt said.

"Having people knowing how to use it is vital too, it might seem simple but if you aren't familiar with the pump it could cause panic if a fire is bearing down.

"Taking the time to practice could make the difference in getting on top of the fire swiftly."

Ms McCourt said farm fire units are sometimes crucial to knocking down a fire before it takes hold but farmers still need to understand the limitations of their units.

"They are a great resource and play a vital role in responding to fires on their property.

"Often the farm units are first there, but if a fire is already going then it may be best for farmers to monitor and observe rather than putting themselves in danger."

Farmers are encouraged to maintain a relationship with the nearest CFS brigade to make working together effective.

"When there is a fire the CFS will do their best to communicate to ensure the welfare of those operating the units is looked after and will work together to tackle a blaze," said Ms McCourt.

Establishing the contacts with your local brigades before an event will help minimize the frustration during the event, knowing who to contact assist in everyone's safety.

"During the Bangor bushfires the farm fire units played a significant role and demonstrated how they and the CFS can work together to limit the damage to a property."

Information on farm fire units can be found on the CFS website

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