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CFS aircraft training in Scott Creek


The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) advises that an aviation training exercise is taking place on Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 October around the Scott Creek Conservation Park, and that residents in surrounding areas should not be alarmed by the presence of aircraft.

CFS Manager State Aviation Operations David Pearce said this annual exercise involving four aircraft is an important part of the pre-season aircrew skills maintenance training program.

"The training is designed to give CFS air operations personnel from around South Australia a practical exercise in the control and coordination of firebombing aircraft," Mr Pearce said.

"Air operations personnel will also be refining their skills in the aerial mapping of fires and ground to air communication."

The CFS advises that there will be up to six exercises a day, with aircraft present around the eastern side of Thorley Road, and around the Mount Bold Reservoir on Wednesday and Thursday.

"The community should not be concerned by the presence of aerial firefighting and surveillance aircraft operating around the Scott Creek Conservation Park and neighbouring areas," Mr Pearce said.

The exercise will commence at 09:30am and continue until 4.30pm on both days.

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