SA Country Fire Service


Message ID: 0001228
Time Message Issued: 16:40
Date Message Issued: 29/10/2017

Fire Origin / Fire Name: SWAN REACH



CFS advises that the threat posed by the SWAN REACH fire on the Stott Highway in the Murraylands has reduced.

Be careful on the roads. Smoke will reduce visibility and trees and branches may fall.

Take care in the fire area over the next few days. Check your property for any fires and embers - particularly in roof spaces, under decks, raised floors and in gutters.





Stay tuned to your local ABC on a battery-powered radio for updates.

For information about bushfires, check the CFS website or call the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.





This message at the time of sending is the final message in relation to this event. This message expires at: 29/10/2017 17:37

Government of South Australia