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CFS advice regarding travel to Kangaroo Island







The situation on Kangaroo Island has stabilised and emergency services are now working on extinguishing the fire ahead of increasing temperatures expected early next week.

Other government agencies are in the process of assessing critical infrastructure and restoring power, water, telecommunications and other services. Despite the large task ahead of them, there is confidence that the community will have restored access to all the necessary services during the coming weeks.

Incident Controller Ian Tanner has requested people delay unnecessary travel to Kangaroo Island while this work is being done to minimise the risk and inconvenience to tourists over the next few weeks.

"People travelling to the island to support family and friends, deliver freight and services, and maintain community function are most welcome," Incident Controller Tanner said.

"People on the island should monitor the fire situation and be prepared to relocate to the safer places according to CFS messaging should there be an outbreak or new fire.

"Travel to the island is being prioritised and preference is being given to emergency services, agencies and organisations working to restore normal community routine as the highest priority."

For information on bushfires check the CFS website or phone the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1800 362 361.









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