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Access to Sampson Flat fireground still restricted


Access to the Sampson Flat fireground in the Adelaide Hills is still restricted, despite today's milder weather conditions.

While the Country Fire Service (CFS) appreciates that residents living in the affected areas are anxious to return to their homes and properties, their safety cannot be guaranteed at this time.

CFS State Co-ordinator Yvette Dowling says while there has been an easing of the weather in the Adelaide Hills, conditions on the 12,000 hecatare fireground still pose a risk to the general public.

"We are asking residents in the affected area to remain patient while the various agencies assess the situation, continue to heed the road closures, and follow the instructions of the various emergency service agencies who have been deployed to control the traffic," Ms Dowling said.

"Among the many dangers on the fireground are trees which have been burnt or partially burnt. Some of these may be unstable and could fall or drop their limbs at any time.

"In addition, there are a number of powerlines that have also been brought down by the fire. Unfortunately some of these may still be live.

"There is also the possibility of further flare ups on the fireground, unstable ground and, because of the loss of many kilometres of fencing, cattle, sheep and other stock and animals on the roads.

Ms Dowling said unsecured stock and animals were not the only concern for motorists in and around the fireground.

"There is still a lot of smoke swirling around which, of course, dramatically reduces visibility for anyone driving in the area.

"Considerable smoke has also been reported in some of Adelaide's northern suburbs so we do advise people in the area to be particularly vigilant too.

"There are also a large number of emergency service vehicles in and around the fireground. It's important that these vehicles are not impeded in any way as they go about their business," Ms Dowling said.

Ms Dowling said while the emergency relief centres had been inundated with gifts of food, water and clothing from a generous public, they were unable to manage any further donations at this time.

She said a Bushfire Recovery webpage, with information regarding donations, had been established to assist with emergency relief for those impacted by the bushfire.

Further information about donations can be found on

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