Helpful Resources

The Australian Institute of Disaster Resilience

The Australian Institute for Disaster Resilience has a range of disaster related learning resources linked to the Australian Curriculum including for lower primary to lower secondary aged students. Topics include Bushfire, Flood, Heatwave, and Pandemic. This includes lesson and unit plans, learning activities, and planning materials.

Project Firestorm from the NSW Rural Fire Service

Project firestorm is an in-depth and interactive set of activities that teach students about bushfires including fire behaviour and prevention. It then leads into a project where students identify a problem and then work on solving that problem through a process of designing and testing a prototype before producing a final product (something that can be done away from the screen). The entire set is hosted online for free and students can easily adapt to working remotely.

Interactive learning from Disaster Resilience Tasmania

This resource takes students through a range of disaster resilience lessons looking at real life stories from bushfires, considerations for what a disaster resilient community looks like, and recognising local hazards.
This resource has some information aimed specifically at a Tasmanian audience so be sure to make sure your students consider their local context. E.g. in the ‘Our local hazards’ lesson students are asked to visit LISTmap, for SA we would use nature maps and use the fire management layers.