Managed Fire Alarm Service

The South Australian Metropolitan Fire Service, South Australian Country Fire Service (SACFS) and Telstra have worked together to develop a solution that provides a monitored Fire Alarm service to certain buildings across South Australia.

The Managed Fire Alarm Service (MFAS) allows clients to connect their premises fire alarm to the South Australian Country Fire Service Monitoring Centre. MFAS is a managed service comprised of the following elements:

  • supply, configuration and ongoing support of an Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) Device by Telstra, eliminating the need for clients to purchase a new ASE or be responsible for future upgrades
  • maintenance and support of the equipment - some exclusions may apply
  • supply and setup by Telstra of secure communications between the Alarm and the SA Fire Services to enable the SA Fire Services monitoring services
  • dual network services providing redundant connectivity via two mobile networks
  • monthly bill from Telstra to the end users for the rental of equipment.

To be eligible for the service you must:

  • have a Fire Indicator Panel (FIP) or Fire Sprinkler System installed at the site before we are able to install the equipment
  • be approved by the SACFS.

Contact details

Telstra Fire Alarm invoices 1800 241 227

All other Telstra Fire Alarm issues 1800 959 555 or

Requirements and obligations for provisioning of a Fire Alarm 08 8115 3300 and ask to speak to a Fire Safety Officer

SACFS Monitoring enquiries and invoices 08 8115 3300 or

Faults with alarms (eg communication failures) 1800 532 005

Application forms

The Managed Fire Alarm Service (MFAS) is a further development of the previous fire alarm monitoring solution that has been developed by Telstra in consultation with the SA Country Fire Service (CFS) and the SA Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS).

It has been developed to address the decommissioning of the copper telephone lines associated with the roll-out of the optical fibre based National Broadband Network (NBN).

The MFAS incorporates technology that utilises the mobile networks of two separate carriers to offer diverse pathways for alarm monitoring. This alleviates the reliance on copper services scheduled to be removed as part of the NBN rollout and in which minimises the reliance on NBN services.

(In a small number of areas where dual mobile network coverage may not be available, a dual monitoring path will be engineered using one mobile network, and an alternative NBN fibre or wireless connection).