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Project Pinery Report

Project Pinery

The South Australian Country Fire Service was prepared and on high alert the day of the Pinery fire and despite a prompt response little could be done to contain the ferocity of the blaze. Over many years SACFS has cultivated a culture of learning and we are the only fire service in the country with a dedicated position to ensure we learn from every incident. This is true for large incidents as well as small ones. Despite the devastation the fire caused across the mid-north all of our volunteers can be proud of their response, bravery and aptitude displayed the day and days after the Pinery fire.

There are nine lessons identified. Some of these actions are due for completion before the 2016/17 Fire Danger Season begins, while others will be in place by the following fire season. Actions which require added resources or are not within our budgets have a longer timeframe allocated. The table below provides actions and target schedules by which those actions will be completed for each of the nine recommendations identified within Project Pinery. In addition, the Pinery report also referenced previous recommendations and a subsequent table provides SACFS comment on those previous recommendations that were identified as incomplete through the Pinery report.

SACFS is undertaking a review of several incident management components before the next fire season to better equip volunteers and staff with extreme weather conditions. SACFS is currently reviewing its warnings as part of a National review, we have already added maps into our warnings which we hope will help the public understand where a fire is and in which direction it will head this fire danger season. There is also a focus on enhancing intelligence gathering and sharing from the ground to those in command. SACFS is conducting a review of its physical resources both at Incident Control Centre and Regional Coordination Centre levels, it will implement where possible better resources. The budget announcement regarding safety systems for burnovers has been announced this year and this project is already underway.