Recruitment Process

CFS Recruitment Process

  1. It is SA Country Fire Service (CFS) policy that prior to joining a prospective Member must agree to a Confidential Criminal Records Check, which is conducted by the South Australian Police.  This form and CFS policy document are available from your Brigade and instructions are on the form with a postal contact address.

  2. Once the result of your Confidential Criminal Records Check is finalised, CFS will advise you by letter from the CFS Chief Executive Officer that it is either OK to apply to the Brigade to join CFS or that your application may be rejected.

  3. Assuming you are cleared to join take the letter to the Brigade Captain or Administration Coordinator.

  4. It is CFS Policy that your application to join is voted on by the membership of the Brigade at a General Meeting.

  5. The Brigade may either accept, reject or defer consideration of your application.

  6. Once accepted you will be on probation for a period of 6 months in which time if you are a designated as a fire fighter you must successfully complete the training course Basic FIrefighting One.