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Involve your kids in bushfire planning

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The Bushfire CRC has produced an e-book for parents on how to talk to children about bushfire preparation and safety.

The book is based on the PhD research of Briony Towers from RMIT University, which has been presented in many research and industry forums in recent years.

The book is designed as an interactive PDF which can be read on a computer or any tablet device. It can also be printed.

Learn fire safety with Smokey!

Click on one of the pictures to download and start having fun.  Check back here regularly  for new fun stuff with Smokey.

CFS Smokey thumbnail - colouring book

Smokey's Junior Colouring Book

recommended for ages 7 and under
(file size: 2MB)

CFS Smokey thumbnail - activity book

Learn Fire Safety with Smokey

be fire safe with Smokey's activity book for older kids
(file size: 1.5 MB)


Colour with Smokey

Colour with Smokey!

Colour Smokey  the Koala driving his CFS truck!


CFS Smokey thumbnail - Fire Triangle

The Fire Triangle

Learn about how fires work


Smokey's Crossword

Smokey's Crossword

Test your fire safety knowledge with Smokey's Crossword.


Smokey's Code Breaker

Smokey's Code breaker

Can you solve Smokey's coded message?

CFS Smokey Thumbnail -Truck

Make Your Own Truck

Cut out and make your own CFS truck 
with Smokey as your driver


CFS Smokey thumbnail -house vs Bushfire

House Fire vs. Bushfire

Do you know the difference?

Other useful things for children from other agencies: