Below are fact sheets and brochures providing more detailed information to help you create your Bushfire Survival Plan.

Brochures in large print, audio formats and other languages can be found here.

A PDF list of the of the fact sheets can be found here.

The fact sheets can be found below under the following headings:

1. Planning to Survive a Bushfire

2. Understanding Bushfires and Warnings

3. Preparing Yourself

4. Preparing your Property

5. Pets, Horses and Livestock

6. Machinery, Storage, Permits and Restrictions

7. Preparing Your Business

8. Preparing with Others

9. Surviving While Travelling and on Holidays

10. Aerial Firefighting

Temporary Fact Sheets

NumberFact Sheet Title

Planning to Survive a Bushfire

Booklet: Your Guide to Preparing for and Surviving Bushfires
1.1Prepare. Act. Survive
1.27 keys to survival
1.3Plan now to stay and defend or leave early
1.4Planning to leave early
1.5Planning to stay and defend
1.6Bushfire Safer Places (where to relocate on fire danger days)
1.7On the day of a bushfire
1.8What to do in the event of a bushfire

Understanding Bushfires and Warnings

2.1Bushfire behaviour in detail
2.2SA Fire Ban Districts and Fire Danger Season
2.3Fire Danger Ratings
2.4Fire danger days
2.5Bushfire Warning messages
2.6Emergency Broadcast Partners (where to listen for warning and alert messages)
2.7Ways to stay informed
2.8Understanding aerial firefighting
2.9Emergency Alert Fact Sheets / FAQs

Preparing Yourself

3.1Preparing yourself for bushfire
3.2How people die in bushfires, and how they survive
3.3Emergency kits
3.4After the Fire

Preparing your Property

4.1Preparing your property
4.2How houses burn
4.3Identifying hazards around your home
4.4House siting and design
4.5Landscaping to minimise the impact of bushfire (DENR "Reducing fire risk in Gardens" booklet)
4.6Fuel breaks
4.7Creating asset protection zones (KI)
4.8Firefighting equipment
4.9Sprinkler systems
4.10Bushfire shelters and bunkers
4.11House fires (MFS Home Fire Safety publications page)
4.12Bushfire information for renters 
4.14Burning Off
4.15Chaff Pile/Stubble Dump Burning

Pets, Horses and Livestock

5.1Care of pets and livestock
5.2Horses and bushfires see also Fire! Will our horses survive?
5.3Protection of fodder reserves

Machinery, Storage, Permits and Restrictions

6.1Use of machinery  - coming soon
6.2Maintenance of machinery - coming soon
6.3Storage of flammables - coming soon
6.4LP gas safety  - coming soon
6.6Restrictions (what can I do / what can't I do?)
6.7Building and using pizza ovens

Preparing your Business

7.1Bushfire Safety: for organisations and business
 Booklet: Bushfire Safety for Business and Organisations
 Various templates and checklists available for businesses  here

Preparing with Others

 Brochure: Community Fire Safe
8.1Fire safety strategies for community groups  -coming soon
8.3Carer's information - coming soon

Surviving While Travelling and on Holidays

9.1Campfires and barbecues
9.2Caravan and Camping Bushfire Safety
 Brochure: Bushfire traveller safety
 Brochure: Bushfire safety in outback SA

Aerial Firefighting

10.1Understanding Aerial Firefighting
10.2Single Engine Air Tanker
10.3Type 1 (High Volume) Helicopter - Erickson Aircrane S-64E
10.4Aerial Firefighting Products

Temporary Fact Sheets

 As fact sheets are created for notification of changes to regulations, new initiatives, etc, they will be placed here...