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My children attend school in a bushfire prone area

In collaboration with the CFS, the Department for Education and Child Development has developed a policy that establishes a process for schools and pre-schools to be temporarily closed and school buses to be cancelled on days of 'catastrophic' bushfire weather conditions.

This policy will facilitate the announcement by DECD, in most cases on the day prior to the forecast 'catastrophic' conditions, of details of the schools and pre-schools subject to closure. This will assist families to make alternative arrangements for their children's care the day prior to the closure.

DECD will work to keep representatives of the Association of Independent Schools South Australia and the Catholic Education Office informed of the government's position on school closures and advise when schools are to be temporarily closed.

DECD and CFS have worked closely together since 2004 to assess and mitigate the risk of bushfires on 381 schools and pre-schools located in bushfire prone areas. Works have been undertaken to make 18 of the schools in the highest risk category Bushfire ready so far, and work is continuing on this project.

Further details can be found on the DECD website here or by calling the DECS hotline on: 1800 000 279.