Bushfire Safer Precincts

A Bushfire Safer Precinct is a place of relative safety and may be used as a place for people to stay in or as a place of first resort for those people who have decided that they will leave high risk locations early on a bad fire weather day.

Larger rural townships, provided they meet established criteria, will be classified by CFS as having a Bushfire Safer Precinct. Any Bushfire Safer Precinct within those townships will be clearly defined on a map by CFS that is available from the CFS website.

Properties on the outskirts of such townships generally face a higher level of risk when compared with those nearer the centre of town. The relative safety of these properties can be improved by property owners undertaking appropriate bushfire safety works to ensure they don't place themselves or the greater community at risk.

A Bushfire Safer Precinct is relatively safe from bushfire because;

  • It is located in an area of generally low levels of bushfire fuel
  • It is sufficiently distant from continuous bushland or forest to reduce the risk of spark and ember attack
  • Bushfire travel will be interrupted by;
    - Established gardens and lawns
    -Road networks and other zero fuel areas
  • There is likely to be access to emergency, health and other community services

If your Bushfire Survival Plan includes relocating to a Bushfire Safer Precinct you should:

  • Identify where your nearest Bushfire Safer Precinct is and if there are any suitable alternatives
  • Work out how you will get there and if there are any alternative routes to take
  • Work out how long it will take you to get there
  • Decide under what circumstances you will relocate and what your trigger points for action will be
  • Plan for your relocation; when, where and what you will take etc.

The SA CFS recommends that if you intend to relocate to a Bushfire Safer Precinct you should do so early in the day. Last minute decisions to relocate in the face of fire are highly dangerous.

Will you be safe in a Bushfire Safer Precinct?

There are no guarantees regarding your safety if you choose to stay in a Bushfire Safer Precinct or if you relocate to one. However it is unlikely you will be exposed to direct flame or severe radiant heat. You may be exposed to spark and ember attack and secondary fires may start in vegetation, gardens and structures from spark and ember attack. Therefore it is important to remember that even if your property is located within a Bushfire Safer Precinct you should prepare your home and undertake appropriate bushfire hazard management on your property.

Find your Council's Bushfire Safer Precincts, or use the map below to view Bushfire Safer Precincts in South Australia.