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Fire Name: PINERY


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Time Message Issued: 09:32
Date Message Issued: 26/11/2015

The Pinery Fire in the State's Mid North remains a going fire with sporadic fire activity across the entire fire-ground. Fire activity remains around many townships including Owen, Hamley Bridge, Tarlee, Freeling, Wasleys, Kapunda, Greenock and surrounding areas. A significant volume of smoke can be expected around the fire-ground and may have an impact on visibility in surrounding areas and there remains the potential for structures to be impacted due to ongoing ember attack across the whole of the area impacted by fire.

Members of the public are asked to remain vigilant for the potential for further damage to property and the fire remains uncontrolled. Trees affected by fire are a considerable risk and people are to remain clear at all times. If members of the public are at immediate risk of being impacted by fire they are to ring 000 and request assistance.

Check and follow your Bushfire Survival Plan. If your plan is to leave or you are not prepared, leave now. - Only leave if the path is clear to a safe place. - Well prepared and actively defended homes can offer safety. - You should not enter this area as the roads may not be safe.

Stay tuned to this radio station on a battery-powered radio for updates.

For information about bushfires, check the CFS website or call the Bushfire Information Hotline on 1300 362 361.







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