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Cherryville Fire Information

CFS is collating information on the Cherryville fire on this page.  Check back regularly for the latest warning message and maps, and other information.

Latest Warning Message:

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Report of the State Bushfire Coordination Committee Fire Danger Season Working Group
The Fire Danger Season Working Group was established under the State Bushfire Coordination Committee at the request of the Minister for Emergency Services with the aim to review the circumstances of the Cherryville Fire and to review the declaration of the Total Fire Ban and the Fire Danger Season process.
Park closures due to bushfire
Two conservation parks in the Adelaide Hills and sections of the Heysen Trail are closed due to the bushfire in Cherryville.
Bushfire Advice - Reduced Threat - Cherryville
The CFS advises that the threat posed by the CHERRYVILLE fire near Cherryville at Mawson Road near Harris Rd in the Adelaide Hills has reduced.
Cherryville Fire Map 0945 11 May 2013
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