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General Housekeeping

Are matches kept out of reach of children?
Are light bulbs prevented from touching any material that could ignite?
Do smokers dispose of ashes and used matches carefully?
Do they ever smoke in bed?
Do you regularly clean the lint filter of your clothes dryer?
Are flammable liquids stored in proper containers away from heat?
Do you remove old rags, newspapers, and other household rubbish that could feed a fire?
Do you always have electrical repairs or renovations done by a qualified electrician?
Are the cords to appliances kept in good repair and not placed under rugs or through doorways?
Do you ensure that power points are not overloaded?
Is your electric blanket switched off before you get into bed?
Are all electrical appliances operated with enough space around them to prevent overheating?
Are all electrical appliances unplugged after use?
Do you always place a screen in front of an open fire in your home?
Is the heating equipment in your home properly installed? Are flues and filters cleaned and checked for leaks?
Are heating appliances kept away from combustible items such as curtains and laundry?