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Farm Fire Unit Guidelines

Joint Guidelines for Farm Fire Units

It is custom and practice in South Australia that members of the community attend fires with their own equipment to protect their property and that of others.  The SA Country Fire Service (CFS) recognizes that, in many parts of South Australia, farm fire units are an essential part of the community's response to fire.  A key principle of this community response is that it be done with safety as number one priority.

The Guidelines for Operating Farm Fire Units were developed in conjunction with the South Australian Farmers Federation to help farmers with private fire fighting equipment understand their responsibilities, and those of the CFS, when fighting fires on or near their land.  The Guidelines were developed to provide basic principles to help farmers fight fires safely and effectively whether the CFS is present or not.

The Guidelines provide a basis for establishing and maintaining a consistent approach in the use of Farm Fire Units at fires across South Australia.  They provide operators with information to improve their knowledge in fire behaviour, fire hazards and suppression activities, as well as providing guidance on fire equipment, communications and protective clothing.

The Joint Guidelines for Operation Farm Fire Units and associated material are currently under review.