Freedom of Information :: CFS

Freedom of Information

The following information is provided pursuant to the provisions of Section 9 of the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (the Act).

Documents held by SA Country Fire Service Headquarters and Regional Offices fall broadly into the following categories:

  • Annual Reports
  • Agenda, Minutes and Reports presented to CFS Regional and Advisory Committees
  •  Ministerial Enquiries and Briefings
  •  Strategic Plans
  •  Policies
  •  Business Plans
  •  Group and Brigade Incident Files
  •  Various Information Brochures and Fact Sheets on Fire Prevention and Awareness
  •  Volunteer Magazine

Applications for access to document(s) must be made in writing using the attached form wherever possible and should be addressed to:

Freedom of Information Officer
South Australian Country Fire Service
Level 7, 60 Waymouth Street
Adelaide  SA  5000

GPO Box 2468
Adelaide  SA 5001

Telephone: 8463 4200

Applications under the Freedom of Information Act for access to documents must be accompanied by an application fee of $33.50.  The application fee may be waived in cases where payment is likely to cause financial hardship to the applicant.

For further information about the Act please visit